Rick Pitchiner was my friend. In his last moments, he asked me to pass along a message to his daughter, but I cut him off before he could say too much. I told him he could tell Elizabeth himself, but he didn't get that chance. Your father wanted you to know how proud of you he was, and he should be. You're a beautiful, strong woman, a generous friend, and a bright light in a sea of dark. He said you were extraordinary, and you are, and so was he. Ric was a hero. He was a hero to all of you. And he was a hero to me. Goodbye, Maverick. You will be missed.

Ric's eulogy by Chazarrae

Maverick Pitchiner's Funeral.


After being tortured in the previous episode, Elizabeth arranges the funeral pretty quickly with the help of her friends. Before the funeral James gives Elizabeth advice on awkward sympathies which are friends of circumstance, casual acquaintances, loved ones. While Chaz told her earlier in the day that the worst day is when other people move on with their lives while you don't, which makes Elizabeth seriously consider turning off her humanity switch when it's all over.