Seelies are beings who are half-angel and half-demon.


Seelies are also known as faeries, or the Fair Folk. Pixies, nixies, and elves are also considered Seelies. They cannot lie, though they use evasive and distraction tactics to avoid directly answering questions they do not want to. They are an extremely manipulative, cunning, and mischievous race , their angel and demon blood attributing to both their beauty and malevolence.

They are led by a king.The Seelie Glade has entrances scattered throughout the world. Their most guarded secret is a dimensional doorway that leads to an alternate dimension. The Seelies are its protectors, and the doorway can be opened by a Seelie at the point where the dimension intersects with the Seelie realm: between a pair of trees at the remotest edges of the Glade.

Known Seelies