The Seelie Queen is the queen of faeries of the Seelie Court.


Sometime around the 1990s, Kaelie had a romantic encounter with the Unseelie King. The tryst resulted in Elizabeth.

Physical Appearance

Physically, Kaelie is a very beautiful and attractive young woman with an oval face, light olive complexion, almond-shaped brown eyes which are sometimes described as doe-eyes, and long dark brown hair. Her height is 5'6"(168 cm), and she has a slim, slightly athletic physique.


Like her mother before her, Kaelie believes in family, honor, loyalty and community. She is shown to be consistently polite, calm and composed, though prone to great anxiety and panic. Despite being something of a skeptic, she has a vivid internal life. She is extremely introverted. She is brave and self-sacrificing, though much of her willingness to save others seems to come from survivor's guilt over her parent's death. She has a strong back bone and never displays a sense of inferiority. However, Kaelie can also be a hypocrite, and gradually becomes more and more self-absorbed, but undergoes several huge changes due to trauma, stress, loss and finally healing.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spell Casting: The power to change and control events through the use of incantations and more.
  • Telekinesis: The power to move objects and persons through mental influence.
  • Pain Infliction: The power to create excruciating migraines through supernatural means.
  • Elemental Control: The power to control and manipulate the elements of air, earth, fire, and water.
  • Empathy: The power to sense others and even feel other fairies' emotions.
  • Enchantment: The power to manipulate love to a certain extent.
  • Telepathy: The power to access the minds of others.
  • Accelerated Healing: Like all fairies, Kaelie is protected by magic that significantly hastens her healing process.

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