Pain infliction is an ability of faeries to inflict great pain onto a person by causing their blood vessels to burst and thus giving them multiple aneurysms. Faeries commonly use this power to disable supernatural beings with accelerated healing, however it has been shown to be used on humans to stun them as well. This power can also be activated through a spell, though commonly performed non-verbally, invoked through the Latin-based term "Ah Sha Lana".

Throughout Primacy


Maverick attacked Hectate with an aneurysm spell. Maverick performed a pain infliction spell upon Pitch in order to force Hectate to reclaim his magic.

Maverick attempts the acid blood spell though through a lack of use of his magic, all he had done was burst blood capillaries, instead of the former, to the point where Hectate falls unconscious. During his second attempt he was more successful at inflicting pain, turning his blood to acid.

Maverick siphoned magic from Elizabeth. As he is doing so, he attacks Hectate with a non-verbal pain infliction spell. As he is weakened he eventually snaps his neck with telekinesis.


Hectate cast the non-verbal power on Maverick after the realization that he had attacked Elizabeth. He attacked Maverick, the spell was powerful enough to incapacitate him to the point of unconsciousness.