Right now she's out there, alone in the darkness, fighting. We can't give up. So I'm begging you, all of you.

Klaus to Pitch, Emily and Hectate about Elizabeth

Niklaus "Klaus" Mikaelson is a faerie knight. He was the personal knight and a trusted confidante of the Unseelie King and was thus often at his side and sent to personally do tasks for him.


Niklaus was born was born to one human and one faerie parent, he had a powerful faerie parent and had spent most of his life in the Faerie. Because of this, Klaus grew up with stronger faerie qualities and aspects than many half-faeries.  Additionally, being half-faerie also gave him the ability to lie—something pure-blood fey are unable to do.


Klaus was, in the manner of many faeries, stiff and formal around most, and, due to his long life, often spoke and acted in an old-fashioned or outdated way. He acted usually with courtesy, even to enemies, and was unquestioningly loyal to the Unseelie King. He was also more blatantly deceptive than other faeries, due to having the ability to lie. He also seemed awkward with public displays of affection, though he was not above relationships with mortals.

Physical Appearance

Klaus is an attractive man. His height is 5'11 (1.80 cm). Klaus possesses curled dirty-blond hair and dark blue eyes that contrasts with his pearl-white skin. His physical appearance is that of a man between 19-21, despite being over 1000 years old.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spell Casting: The power to change and control events through the use of incantations and more.
  • Telekinesis: The power to move objects and persons through mental influence.
  • Pain Infliction: The power to create excruciating migraines through supernatural means.
  • Elemental Control: The power to control and manipulate the elements of air, earth, fire, and water.
  • Empathy: The power to sense others and even feel other fairies' emotions.
  • Enchantment: The power to manipulate love to a certain extent.
  • Telepathy: The power to access the minds of others.
  • Accelerated Healing: Like all fairies, Klaus is protected by magic that significantly hastens his healing process.

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