Scene 1

970 A.D.

[Maverick and Hector are sitting across the dinner table from their parents. Maverick is looking strange and hasn't touched his meal. Pitch then asks him a question]

Emily: You haven't touched your meal. Is there something on your mind that you'd like to share?

Maverick: No mother.

[Hectate is giving his older brother a very confused look, and then Pitch intervenes]

Pitch: Hector? I suppose you know what's going on?

Hectate: In matter fact father I have. (Gulping) You see dear Maverick has fallen in love with a water faerie.

Emily: Son? is this true?

Maverick: Yes, but it isn't what you think it is.

Pitch: (Furiously) Explain yourself!

Maverick: Well um you see...

Hectate: Tell them or I will.

Pitch: Tell me what?

Maverick: Nothing Father.

Pitch: Hector continue please.

Hector: He decided to get to know her and then they had "Royal Sex" and then the "Royal Affair" resulted in a heir.

Pitch: A child?

/* End Scene */

Scene 2

Unseelie Court

Elizabeth: Dad? where are you going?

Maverick: I just have to go take care of some Seelie businesses.

Elizabeth: Again?

Maverick: That's exactly how I feel sweetheart. While I'm gone I want you to take charge.

Elizabeth: Okay dad.