Accelerated Healing is an ability of Vampires and Fairies to heal from physical injuries at supernatural speeds. This allows users to regenerate and fully recover from injuries such as gunshots, broken bones, blood loss, snapped necks, burns, bite wounds, and brain aneurysms in a matter of seconds/minutes, depending on the injury.

Accelerated healing varies from user to user although, it is usually the oldest who are able to heal faster than younger users.



A vampire who is drinking human blood can heal even faster than a vampire who is drinking animal blood.


Fairies can seemingly heal with speeds like that of vampires. They can regenerate from substantial damage, near instantaneously from a broken neck. However, the healing of surface wounds such as being forced through a windshield, persisted.


  • Magic: Fairies can exploit accelerated healing in most supernatural creature. For example, they can give vampires brain aneurysms over and over again, causing them great pain and incapacitating them.